Mentoring Boys and Young Men of Color

How to Watch This Series

For boys and young men of color, feeling safe and understood in schools is an important aspect to forging successful pathways into adulthood. In today’s schools, how does one navigate power, privilege, identity, and relationships? What does it mean to truly build a relationship centered school? The following videos will help mentors support boys and young men of color navigate a system that is not intentionally built to see them thrive. MENTOR California is proud to present 5 phenomenal “Master Mentors” that have already and continue to provide intentional love, freedom and inspiration to our boys and young men of color.

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Chris Chatmon – Kingmakers of Oakland
Ashanti Branch-Million Mask Movement
Brandon Nicholson – Hidden Genius Project
BaBa Lemon – Hidden Genius Project
Dr. Torie Weiston-Serdan – Youth Mentoring Action Network